2016 Poem a Day Challenge #9

April is National Poetry Writing Month! The challenge is to write a poem every day of the month. I’m using prompts from Writer’s Digest, NaPoWriMo and Kelli Russell Agodon’s list. Occasionally, I may use my own prompt ideas as well.

Today’s Prompt:

Write a poem in which you closely describe an object or place, and then end with a much more abstract line that doesn’t seemingly have anything to do with that object or place, but which, of course, really does.

Kingston Mine

we ache from the day
staring into shadows and pictures
of bittersweet dreams savored
in blue music and six strings moaning
light clothing black and white skinned
lips whispering in worship to brokenness
and a cry of please
for the gift of one moment
drunk and not crushed
by the scream and heave
of life’s mad apparatus
driving on to sleep without waking
Eternity has no pull
when you didn’t want to be born the first time.


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