Finding my Voice

I put up some more of my recent art works last week, on the wall of my office.
They had been there for a few days, and one or two people noticed and commented. I’m not looking for that, but it is always nice. Mainly, it makes me happy to display the work I’ve done as a way of declaring it finished. I’ve always felt that art is never truly done until it has been given over to an audience.

Finding My Voice 1

This week, someone did come by and did notice the new work. He made a few comments, said he liked them, then made one more pass across all of them with a sweeping glance and said, “You’re finding your voice.”

The most interesting part is not that it felt great to hear someone say that, or that the work seemed to be speaking for itself, and consistently, but that I believed him. It was almost a confirmation of something I knew instinctively, but hadn’t learned yet by experience. In the microseconds after he offered the words to me, I found myself in agreement, not doubting that I am indeed finding my voice, on a clear path toward the kind of work I want to be doing.

Finding My Voice 2

It was a good moment. Thanks for looking. Thanks for listening.

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