2016 Poem a Day Challenge #10

April is National Poetry Writing Month! The challenge is to write a poem every day of the month. I’m using prompts from Writer’s Digest, NaPoWriMo and Kelli Russell Agodon’s list. Occasionally, I may use my own prompt ideas as well.

Today’s Prompt:

Write a silly – or serious – poem.

Poet’s Tell

I HATE poetry. It’s so restricted
to its cryptic forms and
the endless rhymes afflict it.
It’s stricken with sameness, absent of spices
littered with tired, breathless, literary devices.
NO one EVER writes a poem
from pure heart or righteous soul.
The basis for EVERY poem
is something someone stole.
Sestinas and haiku; learn, then break the rules…
Poets are mad, erratic, ill-humored fools!
EV-ery poem EV-er written,
throughout the whole of time
EV-ery. Single. Self-Indulgent line.
Has been a shameless show of forgery,
the singular exception, naturally,
being poems that are mine.


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