2016 Poem a Day Challenge #20

April is National Poetry Writing Month! The challenge is to write a poem every day of the month. I’m using prompts from Writer’s Digest, NaPoWriMo and Kelli Russell Agodon’s list. Occasionally, I may use my own prompt ideas as well.

Today’s Prompt:

Write a poem made of ten (or more) metaphors.

What Poets Want

A good line is the last word
in an argument,
an arrow so quickly drawn
flawless in trajectory
and terminal in velocity
the draw of breath is the perception
as the point pierces
and satisfied blood begins to seep
from entrance and exit
and stains the skin with clarity;
these are the syllables of the soul
with no stutter
no pain, as the wound turns to wonder
and welts raise around a memory
of self yet unknown
as sight becomes a tunnel,
a black quotation:
if it’s darkness
we’re having, let it be extravagant,

the sound of a good death,
the stunned silence
before turning the page.


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