2016 Poem a Day Challenge #23

April is National Poetry Writing Month! The challenge is to write a poem every day of the month. I’m using prompts from Writer’s Digest, NaPoWriMo and Kelli Russell Agodon’s list. Occasionally, I may use my own prompt ideas as well.

Today’s Prompt:

Write a love poem.

When All the Talk is of Damages

We are grieved again,
impassioned and impossible.
Talking over and over the missteps
which we can’t abide to call mistakes.
But the exchange is aching,
unbearable and too exquisite to cease.
There is contentment in the corners of lips
and specular glances, our private plenty,
a bounty, but not enough to let go of possibility.
We are doing this again.
Foresight is inadequate to reshape the will,
and we are entwined again, in words and fascinations,
and tender wars of honesty
that perhaps the pain is lesser than the prize,
that we are far too real to be illusions,
that these scars we stroke are hard-won,
and the new wounds are gloriously worthy of making repairs.


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