2016 Poem a Day Challenge #30

April is National Poetry Writing Month! The challenge is to write a poem every day of the month. I’m using prompts from Writer’s Digest, NaPoWriMo and Kelli Russell Agodon’s list. Occasionally, I may use my own prompt ideas as well.

Today’s Prompt:

Write a poem about the sound made when two things collide.

The Three Shades

In the pristine, cavernous room we meet, and fight toward killing one
or the other of us, or perhaps neither or both shall be dead
in the end. End to end, the battle stage is black, then white,
converted to uneven thirds by a narrow lane of grey
and like renaissance masters we paint
with elegant strokes of knuckle and heel the canvas is spread
with the ink of the living in red and slickness
spilling, battle, thrilling toward consummate victory
in the black you are ferocity inclined toward the berserk
and I lose face and skin and breath and time
to retaliate toward balance as everything in my vision was going
to white; we danced there as well and I came alive
knighting you with calculated kinetics at shoulders and cheek
sweeping you off your feet and to the floor, hard and glossed with vitality
an energy that returned to us passing into the vein of grey
the final round, a match, for days, mating wits and warrior grit to a draw
of air into wanting lungs you growled ultimatum
finish it, end it, or don’t, your order, the charge
as I ran to rending completion at you, straight and single-minded
we collided, crashing, bones and lungs cracking and collapsing
the wall of the cavernous hangar room around us, time re-lapsing
into a slowed moment of silver light, frightening,
embraced in fractured bodies, coupling, ascendancy upending
a single breath of laughter, derisive, the final strike as we succumbed,
the war engaged, unending.


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