Sketch Collage: New Creative Process


sketch collage

Lately, the process and artistic style I have gone into deeply has turned out to be extremely rewarding and fun. Much like my stark, black and white portraits were inspired by “garbage” photographs I had taken that I couldn’t bear to delete, this current body of work comes from my sketchbooks. My sketchbooks are filled with drawings, practice pieces, failures, half-colored things and frustrated doodles. I remember getting irritated that I didn’t have much in my current sketchbook that was good enough to turn into a finished piece. It was all a bunch of almost drawings. Good, but not great.

I had been scanning my pencil drawings into photoshop to practice digital coloring for some time, but I don’t remember what made me think to start layering my scanned drawings together into complex sketch collages. Once I started doing it, however, I saw that by combining a bunch of almost-there images, I could create a new image that really worked. At first, I thought an analog-to-digital piece was as far as I could go, but then I started to really love some of the digital sketch collages I had created, and I wanted to get my hands on them and be able to create them physically. IMG_3246
I started collaging the drawings and previous works of art more intentionally and with finished pieces in mind, and it felt like magic to see a dozen or so underwhelming pieces join together to become something much more engaging and captivating. The next step was to take those digitally collaged pieces and back out of the digital space and re-make them in physical space. the workflow is winding and intensive, but I am totally in love with the results.

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