4 Ways to Power Up Creativity

You know that popular definition of insanity, right? “Doing the same things and expecting a different result.” Your creativity needs difference and variety of experience in order to be able to make new connections and generate original ideas.

Making time for time

I think it may be becoming a disease of our culture that we have so many things to think about at once that we spend much of our time thinking about nothing at all.

3 Practical Ways to Improve Your Craft

One of the universal questions along the journey of following your passion is, “How do I get better?”
Many of the answers are often wonderful and correct, but vague and confusingly actionable. Here are some less murky things you can start doing today to improve your craft:

How to live with an artist

Many artists and creative people share the same traits – intensely passionate, selfish, chaotic and disorganized, moody and emotional – and I’m learning that I’m not as different from that as I might have thought. In some other ways even, I’m finding that I desire a little more of that creative craziness than what I allow myself.

Creative Routines

Are you more like Voltaire or Kafka? Ben Franklin or Pablo Picasso?