Thoughts on 30 Poems in 30 Days

The trick is not just to hit the wall, but to go through it. Through the wall is the equilibrium, the balance between the energy used and the energy left in reserve. It’s the only way to keep going, to finish.

5 Things I learned in April

Creativity and intentionality, in general, has been the theme for my April this year, and it feels amazing. Just like home.

2016 Poem a Day Challenge #18

Today’s Prompt:
Write a poem about a sound. If the sounds are peaceful, write a poem with a violent word as the title. If the sounds are loud, write a poem with a kind word as the title.

2016 Poem a Day Challenge #12

Today’s Prompt:
Write a poem that incorporates the idea of doubles, twins, duality, pairs, or some other expression of twos.

Finding my Voice

It makes me happy to display the work I’ve done as a way of declaring it finished. I’ve always felt that art is never truly done until it has been given over to an audience.

Create a Playlist

Whether it is a physical or a mental task, create a playlist to enhance your focus, lift your mood, motivate you to complete your project and even to keep you energized.

Boldness feels great

Choosing boldness to assert a piece of my identity as a creator as it relates to the work that I create made the work itself stronger.

How to live with an artist

Many artists and creative people share the same traits – intensely passionate, selfish, chaotic and disorganized, moody and emotional – and I’m learning that I’m not as different from that as I might have thought. In some other ways even, I’m finding that I desire a little more of that creative craziness than what I allow myself.