Worldwide Photo Walk 2011 T-Shirt

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For the 2011 East Austin group of Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk, 50 people signed up to walk. We decided to make t-shirts, the proceeds for which went to the Springs of Hope Orphanage in Kenya. Incidentally, I won best photo for the group that year! : )

Transgender Equality Logo

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I’m passionate about existential affirmation and protection for the transgender community. I wanted to use the simple colors of the transgender pride flag – with a little energy added – to represent the importance of equality for all.

Uncomfortable! Everywhere!

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If you suffer from anxiety, depression, dysphoria, or any other mental health obstacle, or if you are just a good ol’ introvert, this shirt can help you own your discomfort and give others an understanding of how you are feeling everywhere, all the time!

Grace Youth T-Shirts

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Twice a year, Grace Youth takes students on an epic biblical adventure at summer camp or winter retreat. The youth leaders love having a themed t-shirt corresponding to the event for students to wear before, during, and after camp.