Casie Luong | Old Fashioned Feelings

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Whether singing about self growth, insecurities, love and heartache, her catchy melodies captivate her listeners bringing everybody, despite their differences, together. For this Christmas album, Casie evoked the warm nostalgia of the holidays with a vintage vibe.


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Cynthia Marshall is a motivational speaker, musician, and life coach. Her ScriptureFlow album features original music and spoken-word meditations designed to promote spiritual wellness, relaxation, and personal affirmation.

New Sweden Coffee Roaster

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Fika is a concept in Swedish culture with the basic meaning “to have coffee.” New Sweden based their Scandinavian technique light roast specialty coffees on this idea of coffee as ritual, both restful and invigorating. With bold color, clean, modern design and a focus on roasting over brewing, the humble mug is transformed into a Viking coffee forge.